Vouchers and Gifts for the Loved Ones

For those out there for whom this blog managed to make a difference and help them understand how to combine luxury accessories with other garment elements, the blog also offer the possibility to purchase vouchers or offer gifts for the loved ones containing the preferred luxury items.

All purchasing methsatu_origods are supported and after selecting either a value voucher or a gift card, one can proceed with the selection process for the preferred accessories. Suggested purchases include earrings for the lady, a classy watch for the man and why not even some sunglasses or necklaces for friends and other acquaintances.

Once the preferred products have been added to the cart, people will have the option to register them as a gift card, and this will lead to opening a secondary window where the details for the recipient of the card can be inputted. Custom text strings are supported and one can add the desired text dedications and love memos to the gift cards or simply address them in a more specific manner. In addition to customizing the gift cards in order to match the preferences of those who will receive them, people also have the option to add extra gift packaging, such as beautiful envelopes or even gift boxes.

If selecting to offer a value voucher which can be used for purchases on the blog, people have a dedicated option which will allow them to select the preferred value, currency and assign a required recipient for the value vouchers. By using the value voucher customization service, users can also address the vouchers to specific persons and have them delivered to specific addresses, just like with the gift cards.

Those who receive different vouchers will have the possibility to perform purchases on the blog, with a total amount that doesn’t exceed the value specified on the vouchers.

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