Intricate Watches for Gentlemen Who Prefer Class

Clearly, one of the most striking elements that characterize a man’s outfit and appearance is his watch. Selecting an appropriate watch can make a significant difference when it comes to the visual impact of one’s style and fashion.

There are numerous types of watches, each one with its target audience, and therefore selecting the appropriate one can be as difficult as selecting a base garment. However, there are several tricks that can be used in order to make these decisions easier, and this blog will try to offer some of them on this page.

As with other elements that conwatch-of-the-week-ledestitute one’s garment, watches make no exception when it comes to the purpose of their display. More specifically, they need to be in tone with the overall garment appearance, occasion type, moment of the day and the all present – weather. By keeping these factors into account when beginning the selection process for a particular watch, people will improve their decision making process and therefore obtain the desired watch-garment combination.

The type of bracelet, bezel, crystal or even buttons – all influence the looks of a watch. Therefore, when selecting a watch, one must account for all these elements and view them both separately and as a whole.

Starting with the bracelet type, when going for a classic look, the leather ones will make for a splendid combination with tuxedos and suits. If one wishes to be a bit more casual, then a stainless steel bracelet with clasp will surely do the job.

Moving on to the bezel itself, the choice of material will have an influence in the overall watch-garment combo appearance. Choosing a stainless steel or chromed bezel will again exude a more casual look, whereas using a golden or even bronze-colored bezel will offer more exclusivity in appearance.

The crystal of the watches can also influence the overall looks of one’s garment. Although there isn’t too much diversity when it comes to available colors, the aspect of the crystal – convex or flat will influence the final watch-garment combination.

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